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Vickers Armstrong AN-M2 (.303)


VARM-001 Mount Adapter - Used with The Aircraft Cradle Assy. $25.00
VARM-002 Cam, Breechlock with Nut $15.00
VARM-003 Pivot Plate $20.00
VARM-004 Flash Hider $40.00
VARM-005 Sideplate Trigger Assembly $35.00
VARM-006 Lock Frame with All Parts $50.00
VARM-007 Complete Bolt $125.00
VARM-008 Top Cover With All Parts $100.00
VARM-009 Stop, Rear Complete $12.50
VARM-010 Barrel With Excellent Bore (.303) $100.00
VARM-011 Solenoid Plate Assembly $25.00
VARM-012 Belt Holding Pawl $12.50
VARM-013 Complete Backplate With All Parts $100.00
VARM-014 Handle, Charging $10.00
VARM-015 Barrel Extension With All Parts $50.00
VARM-016 Drive Spring Assembly $25.00
VARM-017 Pin, Belt Holding Pawl $4.00
VARM-018 Aircraft Cradle Assembly From The Vickers Aircraft Guns But Adaptable To Other Uses. $150.00
Last Modified on January 22, 2000