Team: Harmsco Hurricane

"Racing To Teach All Children To Swim"

Harmsco  Hurricane Publicity Photo

Class: Pro-Outboard
Hull Number: P-9
Hull: Skater
Motors: Triple 265hp Mercury Outboards
Owner: Hank Harms
Driver: Steve Page
Throttleman: John Christensen

The Mission Staternent

"The mission statement of the Hurricane is Racing To Teach All Children To Swim. Prize money won by the team will be used to teach children to swim. Offshore racing is a great sport, but few teams have mission statements other than to win. HARMSCO wants to increase the awareness of water safety and the responsibility to teach all children to swim. It is essential in a state with so much water. In 1995, the Harmsco Hurricane Race Team hopes to put 500 children through swimming lessons.

The Harmsco Hurricane placed 1 ST in the 1995 Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix during July 4TH weekend in Sarasota. This race is considered the "Indy of Offshore" and the Hurricane successfully defended its First Place status established in 1994. The Sarasota YMCA on South Euclid Avenue was the recipient of the prize money. Karen Bruenning, Aquatics Director (813-9558194), feels that more than 60 children in the communfty will receive swimming lessons with this donation!

Victory was secured at the Jacksonville International Grand Prix held August 13, 1995. The Harmsco Hurricane successfully defended its First Place status established in 1994. The J.W Johnson Branch of the YMCA received the prize money from this victory. The donation will fund the two week Learn To Swim Program designed for the 5th Graders at George Washington Carver Elementary School. 'We will be able to assist in providing lessons and reach to over 300 children!!" says Pop Alexander, Vice President to the Jacksonville Northern District, (904-765-3589).

The Hurricane Race Team secured a 2ND Place victory in the Miami Offshore Grand Prix held during Labor Day weekend. The Team will again donate the prize money within the city of Maimi to provide swimming lessons for children that can not afford them."

- Harmsco Inc.


Provided 300- children with swimming lessons
3RD Place Pro-Stock APBA Nationally
I ST Place Pro-1 SBR Nationally
2ND Place Pro-I Key West World Championship
IST Place Pro-Outboard PROPS Series
Bobby Millees Charity Award
Vapor Trails Magazine's 24th Annual Humanitarian Award
Stuart Hayim Humanitarian Award

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Photo Courtesy Harmsco Hurricane Offshore Racing Team