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ANM2 Shorty

(The Beast)

by Angelo Rizza, photos by Dick Morin

Not long ago, my friend Jim Heffler and I were reviewing some photos and videos that we had taken at some of the North Country Shoot events in New Hampshire. While we watched, we couldnít help but notice the enormous muzzle flash produced by some of the shorter barreled weapons such as the HK 51, the M16 Shorty, and the GE Mini Gun. Our observations soon produced an idea. "What about an ANM2 Shorty?" Jim said. My reply, "Letís go for it!"

Jim, a former Master Gunsmith at Coltís Custom Gun Shop in Hartford, CT, and myself a N/C programmer and machinist would have no problems doing the Shorty. Already having an extra barrel and end cap on hand, Jim then ordered a barrel shroud and gave it to me. I took the shroud to work and cut four inches from each end on a wire EDM. Since the shroud is tapered, I had it welded all around with AMS spes type weld. With the rear part overlapping about 1/4 inch to the front part it looked like a barrel extension for a MAC 10! Next I taped up the threads and sand blasted it for parkerizing.

Meanwhile, Jim had cut down the barrel 8 inches. With the shroud and end cap installed, the total length was only 10 inches. The "Beast" was born.

The following Saturday we headed for the range at the Metacon Gun Club of Simsbury, CT. It was brutally cold that day but we had to try out the Beast.

We loaded the belts with Egyptian and Yugoslavian 8mm and fired her up. Club members present at Metacon stood in total disbelief. The cyclic rate reached about 1500 RPM and the concussion was like that of a .50 caliber, and with this was a flash that would keep your beard off. Forget about sights, you canít use them. After firing just two belts the barrel had become red hot. I warmed my hands over the barrel shroud like a machinist on strike would do over a burning 55 gallon drum.

Later, at the June 93 North Country Shoot, Jim impressed the croud with the ANM2 Shorty, blasting a ball of fire up to three feet from the muzzle. Jim himself also drew a croud with his display of an M60E3 tattooed across his back.

Anyone who fires "The Beast" will become an instant follower of the cult of exotic short beltfeds.

Life is short...get a beltfed!!

The Beastmasters,

Angelo and Jim



Last Modified on July 29, 1999