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ANM2 / MG40 Pictorial

(Above) ANM2 / MG40 in 30-06. This gun was originally shipped in 7mm to South America, but converted back to 30-06 by DLO. (Below) Leftside view of the receiver.



(Above) View from above with the top cover raised. Tracks in top of bolt are to dictate from which side of the gun ammunition is fed. (Below) Rightside view of the feed mechanism.



(Above) Muzzle booster and folded front sight. Various muzzle boosters can be used to alter the firing rate of the gun. (Below) Bolt mechanism.


(Above) Firing mechanism. (Below) Firing mechanism attached to barrel extension.


(Left) Rear sight. This unit was originally on a BAR.

(Below) Spade grips, with safety mechanism pictured to the left side.





Last Modified on January 22, 2000