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AR-15 Recoil Buffer FAQ


R6001 Carbine buffer

84.2 grams or 2.9 ounces

R6600 HBAR buffer
(it is identical to a SP-1 and SP-2 rifle buffer)

146.1 grams or 5.15 ounces

R6000 Edgewater buffer

56.5 grams or 1.9 ounces

M4 "H" buffer

Denoted by H stamping on front

106.9 grams or 3.77 ounces

Colt 9mm SMG 2 pc mechanical buffer

155.2 grams or 5.47 ounces

Colt Hydraulic

Image Courtesy Trog

Early AAC (Modified with non-factory bronze endpiece)

Image Courtesy Trog

Knight Armament SR-25 Match (.308)

Nylon construction


Thanks to John M for providing the information and images found on this page.


Last Modified on January 9, 2000