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(Above & Below) Early MkI with an aftermarket Videcki trigger


(Above) Later model MkI (Below) New Detonics MC1 - Images courtesy Rick Breneman


(Above) MkVI 9mm (Below) MkVI 45acp Images courtesy Mick at MRM


(Above and Below) Scoremaster - Images courtesy Rick Breneman


(Above) MkI with slide pulled back to reveal coned barrel (Below) Field stripped. The detonics line of guns featured the cone barrel, which was quite innovative at the time, along with a captive spring reverse plug recoil guide and spring mechanism.



(Above) Detonics commonly feature a very flared out ejection port to help reduce the chances of brass getting caught between the slide and barrel face during ejection. Image courtesy Mick at MRM (Below) Utilizing a modified Devel follower, the Detonics mags had a loaded magazine indicator that projected from the bottom of the gun. Also note that factory magazines are stamped with .45 A.C.P, while aftermarket mags say .45 Auto.



(Above & Below) MkVII CIA contract gun with Magnaporting - Images courtesy Mick at MRM


Image courtesy Rick Breneman




(Above) Original Detonics ads - click for a higher resolution version (Below) Full size Detonics as photographed in their ad campaign. Images courtesy Rick Breneman



(Above left) Fitted case that was available for the Combat Master (Above right) From the Detonics catalog, showing the shoulder holster that was among the half-dozen models Alessi made specially for the Combat Master Images courtesy Rick Breneman




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