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M17 Lightweight Decontamination System

Primary function: Decontamination apparatus.
System dimensions:
Length: 40.2 inches (107.19 cm)
Width: 23.2 inches (58.93 cm)
Height: 33.9 inches (86.11 cm)
Weight: 360 pounds (163.44 kg)
Accessory kit dimensions:
Length: 41.8 inches (106.17 cm)
Width: 20.5 inches (52.07 cm)
Height: 15.4 inches (39.12 cm)
Weight: 143 pounds (64.92 kg)
Water bladder dimensions:
Height: 5.8 feet (176.9 cm) when full
Weight: 70 pounds (31.78 kg)
Capacity: 1580 gallons (6000 liters)
Water temperature: up to 248 degrees Farenheit (119.88 degrees Centigrade)
Water delivery rate: 9 gallons (34.06 liters) per minute
Setup time: less than 30 minutes
Unit Replacement Cost: $13,817

Features: The Lightweight Decontamination System is a compact, lightweight, portable decontamination system. It consists of a 7.3 horsepower engine, a self-priming pump for drawing and pressurizing water, a fan assembly to deliver combustion air to the heater, a water heater with a coil of tubing 90 feet (27.45 meters) long, a self-priming pump for the heater fuel system, and a small generator to supply electricity for ignition and safety control functions. The LDS is transportable by 3/4-ton trailer, 5/4-ton cargo trucks, cargo aircraft, and helicopters (sling load).
The LDS provides pressurized water at temperatures up to 248 degrees Farenheit (119.88 degrees Centigrade) at a rate of up to 9 gallons (34.06 liters) per minute. It draws water from a natural source up to 30 feet (9.15 meters) away and 9 feet (2.75 meters) below pump level. There is an additional 3000 gallon (113.55 hectoliter) water storage tank in the event a natural source of water is not available. The system is salt-water resistant.

Inventory: 1287 are currently fielded. The acquisition objective (AO) is 1449. 1221 (84 percent) of the AO is funded and will be met by FY 95.

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