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Field Pack, Large, with Internal Frame (FPLIF)

Primary function: Provides Marines with a pack capable of holding additional gear needed in a cold weather environment.
Length: 30 in. (76.2 centimeters)
Width: 21 in. (53.34 cm.)
Weight: 8 lbs. (3.63 kilograms)
Square: 4.375 sq ft (406.88 sq meters)
Cube: 3.64 cu ft (.11 cu meters)
Stowage: 3.64 cu ft (.11 cu meters)
Color: Woodland camouflage
Unit Replacement Cost: $135

Features: The FPLIF is an internal frame pack with 6,800 cubic inches of storage space. It features a detachable 2,500 cubic inch patrol pack and an internal compartment for sleeping bag stowage. It is water resistant, adjustable and complements the normal center of gravity aiding in comfortable and efficient movement for the user.

Inventory: 21,696

Background: The FPLIF was developed to address the deficiencies of the large Alice Pack by increasing storage capacity, enhancing comfort and mobility and keeping all gear protected from the environment.

Date last modified: 05/21/96

Last Modified on June 17, 1999