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Global Positioning System - Survey (GPS-S)

Primary function: Establish survey control points.
Length: 13.9 in.
Width: 12 in.
Height: 5.2 in.
Weight: Total System: 36 lbs.
Receiver/Data Logger: 16 lbs.
Battery/Cable Bag: 10 lbs.
Backpack: 4 lbs.
External Amplifier/Preamp: 6 lbs.
Power: 10.5 - 35 VDC, 8.5 w
Battery Life: 12 hours
Startup: <2 minutes
Unit Replacement Cost: $35,736

Features: GPS-S is designed to precisely position artillery assets, radars, and other special equipment. The GPS-S set is a non-developmental, commercial, off-the-shelf, global positioning system composed of receivers, antennas, software, and hardware that collectively process data from the orbiting satellite. This system goes beyond the capabilities of navigational-type receivers by providing real-time coordinates and altitude for higher-order survey uses. This Precise Positioning Service (PPS) receiver must be capable of operating in both Selective Availability (SA) and Anti-Spoofing (AS) modes (Y-Code). The GPS-S will be tripod, vehicle, and backpack-mounted.

Background: The GPS-S will enable the artillery surveyors within the Regimental Survey section to rapidly establish Survey Control Points (SCPs) with a precise geographical location and altitude. This will allow for the extension of "common survey control" which will expedite the fire control solution required for cannon gunnery to successfully engage a target.

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