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AN/USQ-70 Position Azimuth Determining System

Primary function: Artillery inertial survey system.
Manufacturer: Litton
Weight: 539 pounds (244.71 kilograms) including primary pallet, battery box, and transit case
Transported by: M151A2, M998 HMMWV, or UH-1
Surveying Accuracy:
Horizontal Position Error: 23 feet (7 meters)
Vertical Position Error: 9.8 feet (3 meters)
Azimuth: 0.4 mil
Ambient Temperature Limits:
Operation: -50 to +125 F (-10 to +51.62 C)
Storage: -50 to +160 F (-10 to +71 C)
Power requirements:
Steady state load: 961 watts, 40 amp, 24 VDC
Transient (warm up) load: 97.4 amp at 24 VDC
Units: Artillery Survey Sections in artillery regiments and battalions; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle units
Crew: 2 enlisted
Introduction date: November 1985
Unit Replacement Cost: $299,115

Mission: The Position Azimuth Determining System provides rapid and accurate measurements in position, elevation and azimuth to firing elements.

Features: The AN/USQ-70 Position Azimuth Determining System is a highly mobile surveying system using an inertial measurement unit interfaced with a general purpose digital computer. Its purpose is to provide a highly mobile and accurate means of performing artillery survey.
The major components of the AN/USQ-70 are: the Inertial Measurement Unit, the Control and Display Unit, the computer, the power supply, the installation kit, and the electrical cable set. Other associated components are: the primary pallet, the battery box, and the transit case.

Inventory: 98

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