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Primary function: The Mattax is a dual-purpose tool combining the functions of a mattock and an ax and is intended for hand excavation which is difficult to perform with the entrenching tool.
Production Rate: 2,542 in FY 94; 6,126 in FY 95
Length: 22 in.
Width: 12 in.
Height: 2.25 in.
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Unit Replacement Cost: $22.50

Features: The Mattax has a two-sided metal head between 9-11 inches long: one side is a mattock and the other side is an ax. It comes with a carrying case which can be affixed to the equipment belt or pack. It has a 24-inch handle constructed of wood. The handle is replaceable and separable from the head. Normally one man in the fireteam will have this tool.

Inventory: 8,668

Background: This tool is for use with the entrenching tool. It will assist in loosening hard ground and chopping through roots.

Date last modified: 12/15/95

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