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Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile System

Primary function: To provide surface-to-air missile defense.
Manufacturer: Raytheon Corporation
Power plant: Solid propellant rocket motor
Propulsion: Solid propellant rocket motor
Length: 12.5 feet (3.81 meters)
Diameter: 13.5 inches (3.84 centimeters)
Height: 13.5 inches (3.84 centimeters)
Weight: 1400 pounds (635 kilograms)
Weight fully armed: 1400 pounds (635 kilograms)
Range: 14.9 miles (24 kilometers)
Ceiling: 30,000 feet (9.14 kilometers)
Speed: Supersonic
Aircraft: Transported by C-130/C-141/C-5 and heavy lift helo (extended load)
Units: 2 active duty and 1 reserve Light Anti-aircraft Missile Battalion
Officer: 2
Enlisted: 49
Guidance system: Radar directed semi-active homing
Warheads: One 300 pound (136.2 kg) high explosive missile.
Type of fire: Operator directed/automatic modes
Magazine capacity: 48 missiles/battery
Missile guidance: Semi-active homing.
Target detection: Continuous wave radar and pulse acquisition radars.
Target tracking: High power illuminating continuous wave radar and passive optical.
Rate of fire: 1 missile every 3 seconds
Sensors: High power continuous wave radar (HIPIR)
Continuous wave acquisition radar (CWAR)
Pulse Acquisition Radar (PAR) and passive optical scan
Introduction date: 1962
Unit Replacement Cost: $25,000,000.00

Mission: To provide surface-to-air missile defense of assigned areas of operation or installations therein, against low and medium air attack.

Features: The system can be divided into three sections: acquisition, fire control, and firing sections. Target detection is provided to the fire control section from pulse and continuous wave radars for engagement evaluation. Target data can also be received from remote sensors via data link. The fire control section locks onto the target with high-powered tracking radar. A missile or missiles can be launched manually or in an automatic mode from the firing section by the fire control section. Radars and missile have extensive electronic counter counter measures (ECCM) capabilities.

Inventory: One Light Antiaircraft Missile Battalion located in each Marine Air Control Group of each Marine Air Wing (two active, one Reserve). The total inventory of missiles is 37,000.

Background: The Hawk System has been the Marine Corp's primary air defense since the early 1960's. The system has maintained it's effectiveness against succeeding generations of high technology aircraft through periodic preplanned product improvement programs. An evolving system, HAWK is now in its Phase III configuration with research and development underway to obtain a tactical missile defense capability.

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