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MC-5 Static Line/Free-Fall Ram Air Parachute System (SL/FF RAPS)

Primary function: Means of insertion for reconnaissance and special operations forces
Manufacturer: Paraflite
Canopies (Main & Reserve): Surface area -- 370 square feet
Structure -- 7 cells
Material -- 1.1 ounce F-111 nylon/cotton reinforcement
Altitude range: 3,000 ft AG> to 30,000 ft MSL
Deployment velocity: 0-130 KIAS
Forward speed: 15-25 MPH
Rate of descent: Full Speed -- 14-18 ft/sec
50% Brakes -- 8-14 ft/sec
Reliability: 0.999
Unit Replacement Cost: $6,000

Features: The MC-5 SL/FF RAPS will provide Military Free-Fall (MFF) parachuting communities with a parachute that can be configured for static line or free-fall, depending on mission requirements. The MC-5 integrates components of the Paraflite MT-1XX Interim RAPS, the MC-4 RAPS, and the MT-1XS S/L convertible static line system into one versatile parachute system. The system uses identical main and reserve canopies, which not only reduce the logistics involved with separate canopies, but also eliminates the training, maintenance, and operational use of a different size/configuration reserve canopy.
The system's identical main and reserve parachutes, which can be interchanged, are 370 square feet, seven-celled, and are manufactured from 1.1 ounce F-111 nylon ripstop fabric. A cotton reinforcement/buffering panel is installed on the top and bottom skin of the canopy. The deployment sequence for the reserve canopy incorporates a free-bag system, which consists of a spring-loaded pilot chute, a bridle, and a deployment bag. The harness and container assembly has a two-pin main container to accommodate the static line. The leg straps/chest strap are fitted with quick ejector snaps.


Background: The Marine Corps force reconnaissance teams use a variety of insertion methods to advance to their area of operations. One of the primary methods of insertion involves the use of highly maneuverable square parachutes for high-altitude, high opening (HAHO) parachute operations. The MC-5 SL/FF RAPS will satisfy the Marine Corps requirement for a parachute that can be used to support this mission.

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