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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit

Primary function: The Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit is a proven system that is capable of treating water from any available source.

Unit Replacement Cost:

Mission: The purification process will remove NBC contaminants from water, produce potable water from brackish shallow and deep well sources, and satisfactorily treat water from fresh, brackish, or seawater sources.

Features: The ROWPU is transported in an 8 ft by 8 ft by 10 ft rigid frame.
Production Rate: Sea water source: 600 gallons per hour
Fresh water source: 1,800 gallons per hour
Weight: 7,300 pounds
Length: 120 inches
Width: 96 inches
Height: 96 inches
Power source: 30 KW generator


Background: This system is used by all of the U.S. military services and has performed well for the Marine Corps. During Operations Desert Shield/Storm the ROWPUs were used extensively and proved themselves to be reliable and capable. The ROWPU provides a truly expeditionary capability, allowing Marine units to acquire water from a multitude of sources.

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