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Avenger Weapons System

Primary function: As part of the Stinger Weapons System, to provide a light weight, day/night limited adverse weather fire unit for countering the threat of low altitude, high-speed fixed or rotary wing aircraft. Also carries a machine gun for self-defense.
Length: 182 inches (4.62 meters)
Height: 104 inches (2.64 meters)
Width: 87 inches (2.21 meters)
unloaded: 2,025 lbs. (919.35 kg)
loaded: 2,568 lbs. (1,165.87 kg)
Sight ring: 360 degrees
Machine Gun Caliber: 50 cal.
Rate of Fire: 1100 rounds per minute
Range: 4.35 miles (7 kilometers)
Stinger Missile Fuzing: Penetration, Impact, Self destruct
Rate of fire: One missile every 3 to 7 seconds
Initial load: 8 missiles; can be reloaded
Unit Replacement Cost: $617,000

Date last modified: 11/29/95

Last Modified on June 17, 1999