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Assault Amphibian Vehicle Command Model 7A1 (AAVC7A1)

Description: The AAVC7A1 is an assault amphibious full-tracked landing vehicle. The vehicle gives you a moble task force communication center in water operations from ship to shore and to inland objectives after ashore.
Communication Center: The system consists of five radio operator stations, three staff stations, and two master stations. The command comm system contains equipment to provided external sercure radio transmission between each the AAVC7A1 vehicle and other vehicles and radios. Internal communication between each crew station is provided.<BR>
Manufacturer: FMC Corporation
Date First Prototype: 1979
Date First Production Vehicle: 1983
Crew: 3
Unloaded: 46,314 Pounds (With EAAK, Less Crew, Fuel, OEM, and Ammo)
Combat Equipped: 50,758 Pounds (EAAK, Crew, Fuel, OEM, and Ammo)
Fuel Capacity: 171 Gallons
Cruising Range:
Land at 25 MPH: 300 Miles
Water at 2600 RPM: 7 Hours
Cruising Speed:
Land: 20 to 30 MPH
Water: 6 MPH
Maximum Speed Forward:
Land: 45 MPH
Water: 8.2 MPH
Maximum Speed Reverse:
Land: 12 MPH
Water: 4.5 MPH
Make: Cummins
Model: VT400
Type: 4 Cycle, 8 Cylinder, 90' Vee, Water Cooled, Turbocharged
Fuel: Multifuel
Cargo Compartment:
Length: 13.5 Feet
Width: 6.0 Feet
Height: 5.5 Feet
Volume: 445.5 Cubic Feet
Capacity: 21 Combat Equipped Troops
Armament and Ammunition: 7.62 Machine Gun
Unit Replacement Cost: $2.2 - 2.5 Million

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