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MK93 Heavy Machine Gun Mounting System

Primary function: To optimize operational capabilities of the M2 and MK19 machine guns.
Manufacturer: NSWC, Crane, Indiana
Height 6.8 in.
w/MK 175 16.8 in.
Width 10.0 in.
w/MK 175 10.0 in.
Length 22.0 in.
w/MK 175 22.0 in.
Weight 30.2 lbs.
w/MK 175 40.2 lbs.
Unit Replacement Cost: $3,200

Features: The MK93 is a dual purpose, soft mount for the MK19 Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) and M2 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG). The MK93 is designed for use with either a tripod or a vehicular mount (using the MK175 pintle pedestal). The MK93 requires no external adapters or tools to mount either weapon system, making change-overs much easier. The use of a soft mount improves the accuracy of the M2 Machine Gun by attenuating the recoil. The MK93 consists of a carriage and cradle assembly, train stop bracket, ammunition can holder, a bolt-on small pintle, a bolt-on large pintle, and stowage bar assembly.


Background: The MK93 will provide the capacity to optimize operational capabilities of the M2 HMG and the MK19 GMG in both vehicular and ground mounted modes. It provides platform stabilization, improves accuracy, and increases hit probability while decreasing the time and effort to install and interchange weapons. The MK93 replaces the complicated MK64 MOD 5 cradle.

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