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Single Action Release Personal Equipment Lowering Equipment (SARPELS)

Primary function: Combat equipment lowering system for parachutists.
* SARPELS Cargo Carrier
* Horizontal & Vertical Cargo Carrier Securing Straps
* Single Action Release Handle
* Military Free-Fall (MFF) Equipment Attaching Strap
* 15 ft Static Line Lowering Line
* 8 ft MFF Lowering Line
Unit Replacement Cost: $400

Features: The SARPELS will provide military parachutists with a complete equipment lowering system for both static line and MFF parachute operations. The SARPELS allows individuals to carry various configurations of individual combat equipment. The system will provide easy access to weapons and equipment upon parachute landing and has a single action release capability. It can be front or rear mounted on the parachutist.


Background: Marine Corps parachutists use static line or MFF parachuting insertion methods to advance to their area of operations. This involves parachuting with combat equipment. However, the parachutist cannot land with the combat equipment attached or injuries may result. This is prevented by lowering the combat equipment below the parachutist. Historically, two types of equipment lowering systems are used, one for static line and another for MFF. The SARPELS makes the requirement for two systems obsolete.

Date last modified: 12/15/95

Last Modified on June 17, 1999