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AN/TVS-5 Crew Served Weapon Night Sight

Primary function: Image intensification night sight for detecting, acquiring, and engaging targets at night. Attaches to M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun. May be used for surveillance and observation either mounted on the weapon system or hand held.
Manufacturer: IMO, VARO, Garland, Texas and various vendors
Length: 15 inches (38.1 centimeters)
Width: 6 inches (15.24 centimeters)
Height: 6 inches (15.24 centimeters)
Weight: 8 pounds (3.63 kilograms)
Magnification: 6.5x
Range, Vehicle-Sized Target:
Starlight: 1000 yards (914 meters)
Moonlight: 1200 yards (1096.8 meters)
Field of view: 9 (circular)
Power source: 2.7 volt mercury battery: BA-1567/U, BA-5567/U, BA-3058/U
Unit Replacement Cost: $4,005

Features: The AN/TVS-5 Night Vision Sight is a portable, battery operated, electro-optical instrument used for observation and aimed fire of weapons at night. It amplifies reflected light such as moonlight, starlight, and sky glow so that the viewed scene becomes visible to the operator. An eye guard prevents visible and infrared light from being emitted from the eyepiece. The AN/TVS-5 is presently the standard night sight for the M2 .50 Caliber and 40mm MK19 heavy machine guns.
The AN/TVS-5 can be tripod mounted for surveillance, however it is generally used in the Marine Corps as a crew-served weapon night sight. The sight comes furnished with the mounting bracket and reticle for the M2 machine gun. Brackets and reticles for use with other weapons must be separately requisitioned. A carrying bag and battery adapter for low temperature operations may also be requisitioned.

Background: The AN/TVS-5 was designed in the 1970s to provide a night fighting capability with crew-served weapons. It was procured during the 1980s and delivered to the Fleet Marine Forces upon receipt.

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