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Tray Ration Heating System (TRHS)

Primary function: To function as a mobile Tray Ration Heating System (TRHS) for tray ration packs.
Manufacturer: Babington Enterprises, Inc.
Production Rate: 30 per month
Length: 53 in.
Width: 23 in.
Height: 25.5 in.
Weight: 260 lbs (empty weight)
Power source: HMMWV 28 VDC or standard 120 VAC
Unit Replacement Cost: $15,756.89 (FY 96 constant dollars, w/o maintenance kit)

Features: The TRHS is a portable system that heats tray packs during transport aboard a HMMWV to deliver hot, cafeteria style meals to Marines at multiple field locations. The TRHS can feed up to 250 meals at a single site and at least 500 meals during a ration day. However, during expanded feeding operations, one TRHS could feed 1,500 people in one day. The TRHS comes with folding tables, rain cover kit, beverage containers, serving utensils, and other collateral equipment.

Inventory: 363

Background: The TRHS is a modified NDI procurement developed by Babington Engineering. It used the patented airtronic burner technology to deliver high-efficiency, smokeless, odorless diesel combustion for multifuel applications. MS III occurred in May 1995. Contract award was made in August 1995.

Date last modified: 12/15/95

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