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AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder Radar

Primary function: Mobile radar set.
Manufacturer: Hughes Aircraft Company
Shelter: 106 inches (269 centimeters)
Antenna/transceiver: 181.1 inches (459 centimeters)
Shelter: 82.7 inches (210.06 centimeters)
Antenna/transceiver: 82.7 inches (210.06 centimeters)
Shelter: 70.9 inches (180.09 centimeters)
In operation: 145.7 inches (370 centimeters)
In transit: 82.7 inches (210 centimeters)
Shelter: 2,400 pounds (1089.6 kilograms)
Antenna/transceiver: 3,200 pounds (1452.8 kilograms)
Power requirements: 115/200 VAC, three-phase, four-wire, 400 Hz, 10kw
Support equipment: two M923 five-ton trucks, two 10kw generators
Units: Headquarters batteries in artillery regiments, counter-battery radar platoons
Crew: 9 enlisted
Introduction date: January 1985
Unit Replacement Cost: $1,548,500

Mission: To locate with first-round accuracy, hostile artillery and mortar fire. Also used to register friendly fire.

Features: The AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder Radar is a lightweight, small, highly mobile radar set capable of detecting weapon projectiles launched at any angle within selected 90-degree azimuth sectors over 360 degrees of coverage. The AN/TPQ-36 can locate simultaneous and volley-fire weapons. It can also be used to register and adjust friendly fire. Upon projectile detection, the weapon location is computed and is used to direct counter-battery fires.
The system consists of an operational control group, OK-398/TPQ-36, and an antenna transceiver group, OY-71/TPQ-36. It is used by the artillery battalions to provide an effective capability to locate hostile weapons, both mortars and short- to medium-range weapons.
The Marine Corps will be receiving a Version 8 configuration, currently involving Toby Hanna Army Depot & Grumman Electronics Programs. This new configuration consists of a new Operations Control Group (OCG) using the Army Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter (LMS) mounted on a M1097 HMMWV. This HMMWV tows the Antenna Transceiver Group (ATG) with the integrated Modular Azimuth Positioning System (MAPS) mounted on the M116A2E1 trailer. The OCG is controlled by an operator either located within the shelter or remotely located. The second M1097 HMMWV will carry the MEP112A generator mounted on an M116A2E1 trailer. An additional reconnaissance vehicle/crew carrier, a fourth HMMWV, will be added to the Marine Corps Table of Equipment.

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