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Light Weight Cold Weather Underwear Set (LWCWUS)

Primary function: Provide a moisture wicking, heat retentive, lightweight garment that keeps Marines dry and comfortable in a variety of environments.
Production Rate: 15,000 per year for the next 3 years
Color: Olive Drab
Unit Replacement Cost: $11.94 for the Undershirt; $10.26 for the drawers

Features: The LWCWUS is a thin, quick drying, hydrophobic, moisture wicking synthetic garment set composed of long underdrawers and zippered neck long undershirt. It is launderable using standard commercial equipment.

Inventory: 121,000

Background: The current cold weather underwear provides excellent insulation in extreme cold weather, but is too warm in moderate cold conditions. Marines conducting strenuous activity would perspire heavily causing the underwear to lose its insulative qualities. The result was Marines suffering from hypothermia, dehydration and other cold weather injuries. The LWCWUS does not have the deficiencies of its predecessor.

Date last modified: 12/15/95

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