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Intermediate Cold Wet Boot

Primary function: This boot will protect Marines from the extremes of cold and wet weather while providing greater traction and mobility than boots currently in use by the Marine Corps.
Production Rate: 27,321 per year until FY 98
Length: 11.5 inches
Width: varies
Height: 10 in.
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Unit Replacement Cost: $96.25

Features: The ICW boot is a leather boot that features a waterproof liner, comfort liner and 200 grams of insulation. It has a repairable Vibram lug sole for increased traction in snow and rough terrain.

Planned Inventory: 112,940

Background: The Marine Corps needed a boot that was able to protect Marines from cold and wet in environments that were too severe for the infantry combat boot but not so cold to warrant issuing the extreme cold weather boots. The extreme cold weather boots are not conducive to extended wear for long periods of time.

Date last modified: 05/21/96

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