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AN/TMQ-41 Meteorological Measuring Set (MMS)

Primary function: To acquire and process meteorological data.
Manufacturer: ETG
Crew Size: 5
Setup Time: 15 minutes
Modes: LORAN, Omega, VLF, RDF
Range: 75-165 km
Wind speed: <2 knots
Position: <40 knots
Temperature: 0.5 C
Humidity: 3%
Pressure: 2 millibars
Support Vehicles: 1 generator and 2 HMMWVs w/trailers
Units: 1 per artillery battalion, consolidated at regimental HQ Battery
Unit Replacement Cost: $462,761

Mission: To provide meteorological data to artillery units such as wind speed and direction, humidity, temperature and pressure.

Features: This is a lightweight, automated, electronic system with essentially the same performance requirements as the current AN/TMQ-31 MDS. The major differences are size and weight.

Date last modified: 12/14/95

Last Modified on June 17, 1999