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M88A1E1 Hercules Recovery Vehicle

Primary function: Improved recovery vehicle for main battle tanks.
Manufacturer: BMY Combat Systems Division
Length: 27.13 feet (8.27 meters)
Width: 11.25 feet (3.43 meters)
Height: 10.25 feet (3.12 meters)
Weight, gross, fully loaded: 70 tons
Power plant: 12 cylinder, air cooled, supercharged, fuel injection diesel engine
Performance: Vehicle Speed: 30 MPH (maximum)
Cruising range: 300 miles
Fording depth: Without kit: 56 inches
With kit: 102 inches
Grade ascending: 60%
Trench crossing: 103 inches
Boom capacity: 35 tons
Vehicle hoisting capability:
Spade up: 6 tons
Spade down: 35 tons
Fuel capacity: 400 gallons
Crew: 4 enlisted
Unit Replacement Cost: $2,050,000

Features: System improvements consist of an upgraded power pack (engine and transmission), higher winch and hoist capacities, increased tow/breaking performance, and increased armor protection. The Hercules includes additional weight (approximately 70 tons), an upgraded suspension, power-assisted brakes, and an improved hydraulic system. The Hercules will possess an auxiliary power unit to operate no-load recovery components and impact tools without running the engine. Additionally, the Hercules will be transportable worldwide by highway, rail, marine, and air in accordance with the Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency (MTMCTEA) transportability engineering analysis.

Background: The M88A1E1 Hercules Recovery Vehicle will provide towing capability for modern and future tanks. The Hercules is replacing the present M88 which is unable to tow the newer, heavier M1A1 tanks.

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