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Parachutist Individual Equipment Kit (PIEK)

Primary function: To provide the parachutist protection from the environment.
Manufacturers: Intimar, PA; Cabellas, CA; Steve Snyder Enterprises, NJ; North American Aeronutronics, NC; REI, Sumnter, WA; Television Associates Inc., NY
* Goretex Jumpsuit
* Polartec Jumpsuit Liner
* Cotton Ripstop Jumpsuit
* Flyer's Gloves
* Goretex Cold-weather Gloves
* Overboots
* MA2-30 Altimeter
* Helmet
* Flyer's Helmet Bag
* Flyer's Kitbag
Unit Replacement Cost: $2,400

Background: Due to extreme cold encountered during high altitude parachute operations, the parachutist must have protection from the environment. The PIEK will provide a complete ensemble of individual parachutist clothing and equipment to meet the demands of high altitude Military Free-Fall (MFF) and static line MC-5 parachute operations.

Date last modified: 12/15/95

Last Modified on June 17, 1999