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Light Armored Vehicle-25 (LAV-25)

Primary function: Provide strategic mobility to reach and engage the threat, tactical mobility for effective use of fire power, fire power to defeat soft and armored targets, battlefield survivability to carry out combat missions.
Length: 251.6 inches (6.39 meters)
Height: 106.0 inches, (101.0 with pintle mount removed) (2.69 meters)
Width: 98.4 inches (turret facing forward) (2.5 meters)
Weight: 24,100 pounds (10,941 kilograms)
Combat Weight: 28,200 pounds (12,802.8 kilograms)
Range: 410 miles (660.1 kilometers)
Speed: 62 mph (99.2 km/hr)
Swim speed: 6 mph (9.6 km/hr)
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander and 6 troops
Armament: M242 25mm chain gun, M240 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxial to the main gun
Unit Replacement Cost: $900,000

Features: The LAV-25 is an all-terrain, all-weather vehicle with night capabilities. It is air transportable via C-130, C-141, C-5 and CH-53 E. When combat loaded there are 210 ready rounds and 420 stowed rounds of 25 mm ammunition as well as 400 ready rounds and 1200 stowed rounds of 7.62mm. There are 8 ready rounds and 8 stowed rounds of smoke grenades. A supplementary M240E1 7.62mm machine gun can be pintle-mounted at the commander's station in the turret. The LAV-25 is fully amphibious with a maximum of 3 minutes preparation.

Inventory: 401

Date last modified: 12/14/95

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