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Extreme Cold Weather Tent (ECWT)

Primary function: This tent serves as self-standing shelter for four Marines to sleep, dry wet clothing and for meal preparation.
Production Rate: 2.3k per year (fully fielded by end of FY 95)
Erected Stored
Length: 102 in. 28.5 in.
Width: 110 in. 14.5 in.
Height: 55 in. 13 in.
Storage Cube: 3.1 cu ft
Weight: 20 lbs.
Unit Replacement Cost: $1,024

Features: The ECWT is a dome structure with a waterproof, opaque, fly sheet. It is designed to be stable in high winds and durable in poor environmental conditions. The shelter has a vestibule entrance area with enough space for 2 men to shed their packs and cold weather clothing before entering the tent body. It can be assembled by one person.

Inventory: 8,978

Background: The previous tent used in extreme cold weather environments was constructed by putting five Norwegian tent sheets together. These tent sheets would get wet and freeze, becoming stiff and difficult to handle. When erected, the tent sheets required digging out the snow inside and tying the external liner to the tree. The new self-standing dome tent as described above is much more efficient in cold climates.

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