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SB-3865 Automatic Telephone Switchboard

Primary function: Provide team-transportable automatic telephone switching and subscriber service.
Manufacturer: ITT Aerospace/Communications Division
Switch Module: 20.7 inches (52.58 cm)
Power Module: 20.6 inches (52.32 cm)
Switch Module: 21.1 inches (53.59 cm)
Power Module: 17.8 inches (45.21 cm)
Switch Module: 19.6 inches (49.78 cm)
Power Module: 17.7 inches (44.96 cm)
Switch Module: 99 lbs (44.95 kg)
Power Module: 125 lbs (56.75 kg)
Switch Module: 3.5 cu.ft. (.11 cubic meter)
Power Module: 3.5 cu.ft. (.11 cubic meter)
Power source: 120/208 VAC, 50/60 or 400 Hz single phase, 480 Watts, or 28 VDC, 304 Watts
Terminations: 86 circuits per module (maximum of 96 per stack)
Circuits: 32 switched (loops & trunks), or 36 sole user
Trunks: 18 per module, 54 per stack maximum
Multiplexed Groups: 3 per module, 9 per stack maximum
Signaling Modes: Analog 2-wire and 4-wire DTMF, 4-wire SF AC Supervised AUTOVON
Traffic: 130 calls per hour per module, 390 per stack maximum
Introduction date: March 1989
Unit Replacement Cost: $250,000.00

Features: The SB-3865 is an team-transportable, tactical, digital switching system for voice or data communication across secure or non-secure telephone lines. It provides automatic switching service (loop-to-loop, loop-to-trunk and trunk-to-trunk) and subscriber service functions such as loop and trunk hunting, precedence, and preemption.

Inventory: 425 allocated

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