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Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC)

Primary function: A standard small, lightweight, inflatable, rugged boat to be used in performing various reconnaissance missions.
Operational configurations
Length: 185 in.
Width: 75 in.
Height: 30 in.
Weight: 265 lbs.
Storage/Shipping configurations
Length: 59 in.
Width: 28.5 in.
Height: 24 in.
Weight: 265 lbs.
Power requirements: Improved Military Amphibious Reconnaissance System (I-MARS) 35 horsepower engine.
Unit Replacement Cost: $10,700

Background: The CRRC was fielded to fill the Marine Corps' requirement for a small, lightweight, inflatable, rugged boat for use in performing various raid, reconnaissance, and riverine missions. It will replace all other small rubber inflatable boats in the Marine Corps inventory.

Inventory: Active - 407; Reserve - 27

Date last modified: 12/14/95

Last Modified on June 17, 1999