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AN/TTC-42 (V) Automatic Telephone Central Office

Primary function: Provide automatic telephone switching and subscriber service to TRI-TAC family.
Contractor: ITT Aerospace/Communications Division
Length: 181 inches (4.6 meters)
Width: 88.4 inches (2.24 meters)
Height: 87 inches (2.21 meters)
Weight: 5,525 lbs (2,508 kilograms)
Displacement: 805.3 cu ft (24.16 cubic meters)
Power: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz single phase, 3 KW; 30 Amps
Terminations: 280 circuits--180 via 7 mux groups and 100 single channel terminations
Circuits: 152 switched (loops & trunks) and 144 sole user
Trunks: 90 (up to 24 analog)
Multiplexed Groups: 7
Signaling Modes: Analog 4-wire DTMF, 4-wire SF AC Supervised AUTOVON
Traffic (average): 650 calls per hour
Introduction Date: March 1989
Unit Replacement Cost: $2,000,000.00

Features: The AN/TTC-42 is an S-280 shelterized telephone central office that provides secure automatic switching service (loop-to-loop, loop-to-trunk and trunk-to-trunk) and subscriber service functions such as loop and trunk hunting, precedence and preemption. These services are available to the TRI-TAC family of 4-wire, digital subscribers and non-secure voice terminals (DSVTs and DNVTs) and to 4-wire digital trunks, including both single channel and Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) groups. The apportionment of these channels among loops and trunks (collectively called lines) is variable. The AN/TTC-42 will also perform automatic switching for 4-wire analog loops and trunks. Communication security (ComSec) used in the AN/TTC-42 includes the HGF-93, HGF-94, KG-82, KG-93 and KG-94.

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