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Close Quarters Battle/Direct Action Program

Primary function: To standardize personal, protective, and load bearing capability for select Special Operations personnel.
Components: Individual Assault Kit; Assault Breacher's Kit; HAZMAT Assault Mask; Assault Vest; Assault Suit
Using Units: Force Reconnaissance Companies; Marine Corps Security Force Battalions; Fleet Anti-terrorist Security Team (FAST) Companies; Special Operations Training Groups (SOTGs); Marine Secruity Guard (MSG) Units; Military Police Special Reaction Teams (SRTs)
Unit Replacement Cost: $6,850

Features: The equipment is made up of off-the-shelf Non-Developmental Items (NDI) or modified NDI equipment. The Individual Assault Kit contains those items required by the individual Marine for the Direct Action (DA) mission and includes climbing/rappelling equipment, individual protective apparel, personnel restraining devices, load-bearing, and accessory equipment. The Assault Breacher's Kit includes tools and equipment (minus munitions) to conduct mechanical and explosive forced entries into enclosed buildings and structures. Its components consist of mechanical entry devices, hand tools, firing devices, and safety equipment. It is a self-contained, team-portable kit, but its explosives are requisitioned separately. The HAZMAT Assault Mask protects Marines from toxic fumes encountered during DA operations. It possesses enhanced communications and an expanded field of view over the current field protective mask. The Assault Vest combines combat load-bearing capabilities with enhanced torso ballistic protection. The Assault Suit provides a functional, durable, fire-retardant, protective outerwear that combines the most desirable features of the combat vehicle crewman's/aviator's suits. Additionally, it incorporates functional modifications designed by Marines who are actually performing these missions in the Fleet Marine Force.

Background: Initially, there was a direct access mission capability, but the equipment available was inadequate, and units were "open purchasing" equipment. The purpose of the CQB/DA Program is to standardize personal, protective, and load-bearing capability equipment.

Date last modified: 12/14/95

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