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Riverine Assault Craft (RAC)

Primary function: Inland and coastal waterway patrol craft.
Length: 35 feet (10.66 meters)
Beam: 9 feet, 2 inches (2.79 meters)
Draft: 30" (8" on plane) (66.04cm)
Displacement, empty: 13,600 pounds (6,174kg)
Displacement full load: 16,400 pounds (7,455 kilograms)
Speed: 43mph (68.8 km/hr) (31mph (49.6 km/hr) cruise)
Acceleration from Cruise to 40mph: 10 sec
Range: 400 miles (640 kilometers)
Fuel Endurance: 8 hours
Power: Twin 300hp Cummins diesel engines driving Hamilton 271 waterjets
Crew: 4 to 5
Troop Lift: Combat loaded Marine rifle squad (10 - 15 passengers)
Communications: Military HF/VHF/UHF
RAY-90 Marine band transceiver
Navigation: R40X Radar
V820 Depth Finder
Raystar 920 GPS
RayNav 780 LORAN-C
Fluxgate Compass
Magnetic Compass
Armament: Fore and aft gun tubs capable of mounting 7.62mm, .50cal or 40mm automatic weapons. Port and starboard pintle mounts for 7.62mm machine guns.
Transportability: Amphib Ship/CH-53 (external), C-130, C-141, C-5A. M-923 5 ton truck prime mover.
Unit Replacement Cost: $321,000

Inventory: 32

Mission: The missions that can be assigned to the RAC's include: armed escort; command, control, and communications; transport; armed reconnaissance; and pursuit/interception.

Features: The RAC is a riverine platform that provides speed, maneuverability, and survivability to conduct command/control, armed escort, direct fire support, electronic warfare, pursuit/intercept, and scout/patrol missions during riverine operations. It is capable of employing a variety of military and commercial communications/electronic and crew-served weapons systems. The RAC is a high-speed, aluminum-hulled craft powered by twin inboard 300 horsepower Cummins turbo diesels connected to Hamilton water jets. Fore and aft gun tubs may mount either the M2 .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) or the MK19 40mm Grenade Machine Gun. Medium machine guns may be mounted on pintles fixed to the port and starboard gunwales.

Background: The RAC has been fielded in the Small Craft Company of Headquarters Battalion, Second Marine Division to meet the requirement for Marines to perform high speed riverine operations in support of CINC South. The RAC has a crew of four Marines and can transport 10-15 combat-loaded Marines in up to Sea State Condition 2. It has a shallow draft and can operate in eight inches of water while on plane and thirty inches of water while moving slowly or stopped. The RAC's trailer may be towed by the five-ton cargo truck.

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