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M198 155mm Medium Howitzer, Towed

Primary function: Provides field artillery fire support for all Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force organizations.
Manufacturer: Rock Island
Contractor: AMCCOM
In tow: 40 feet, 6 inches (12.30 meters)
Firing: 36 feet, 2 inches (11.01 meters)
Width in tow: 9 feet, 2 inches (2.79 meters)
Height in tow: 9 feet, 6 inches (2.89 meters)
Weight: 15,758 pounds (7.154 kilograms)
Bore diameter: 155mm
Maximum effective range:
conventional ammunition: 22,400 meters (13.92 miles)
rocket-assisted projectile: 30,000 meters (18.64 miles)
Rate of Fire:
Maximum: 4 rounds per minute
Sustained: 2 rounds per minute
Crew: 9 enlisted
Unit Replacement Cost: $527,337

Features: The M198 Medium Towed Howitzer is a 155mm field artillery howitzer. It is constructed of aluminum and steel, and is air transportable by CH-53E helicopter, and C-130 or larger fixed-wing aircraft. The M198 provides increased range, and improved reliability and maintainability over the former standard towed 155mm howitzer, the M114A2. The use of rocket-assisted projectiles significantly extends the range, lethality, and counterbattery fires of the direct support artillery battalions. The M198 fires all current and developmental 155mm ammunition.

Inventory: 541

Background: The first 10 M198 Howitzers were delivered to the 10th Marine Regiment in January 1982.

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