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Medium Machine Gun Tripod (Lightweight) System (MMGT(LW))

Primary function: To optimize operational capabilities of the M240 G Medium Machine Gun.
Manufacturer: NSWC, Crane, Indiana
Weight: Tripod 5 lbs. (approx.)
T&E 3 lbs. (approx.)
Composition: Principally Aluminum and Stainless Steel Finish Enamel over hard coat, anodized
T&E Range (mils) Controlled: Traverse 875 (425L/450R)
Elevation 265
Depression 200
Free-gun: Traverse 6,400
Elevation 445
Depression 445
Unit Replacement Cost: Information not available

Features: The MMGT(LW) is a lightweight, man-packable, weapon mount and control that provides an accurate and repeatable means to aim and shift the fire of the M240G Medium Machine Gun (MMG). The MMGT(LW) consists of a tripod and a Traverse and Elevation (T&E) control mechanism. The acquisition objective is 5,200, one for every M240G MMG.


Background: The MMGT(LW) will be used with the M240G MMG in all ground mount applications. It is a direct replacement for the M122 Tripod System (the tripod and T&E mechanism currently used with the M60E3 MMG). The MMGT(LW) will enhance the capability of the Marine Corps three-man MMG team by providing them a lightweight means to accurately engage targets with the M240G MMG.

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