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Reconnaissance, Patrolling, Insertion and Extraction Equipment (RPIE)

Primary function: Reduce the overall load carried by Reconnaissance Marines, facilitate the carrying of that load, and provide for added safety.

Unit Replacement Cost: $3,775

Features: The RPIE consists of the Multi-Purpose Poncho System, the Load Bearing Equipment/Special Patrolling Insertion Extraction (LBE/SPIE) System, the Team Freshwater Purifier, and the Boat Safety Kit. The equipment will have integrated, multi-use parts that will work safely with existing/planned operational equipment. The RPIE will be used by individual Marines and reconnaissance teams executing missions in a wide variety of environments. No special training or logistics requirements are anticipated. The equipment is made up of off-the-shelf Non-Developmental Items (NDI) or modified NDI equipment. The Multi-Purpose Poncho System consists of three separately packaged sets: a shelter set, a lightweight liner/bag set, and a cold weather liner/bag set. These sets can be combined or used individually to form a shelter, a garment, or any one of several immediate-use configurations. The LBE/SPIE System provides a modular load-bearing system capable of carrying an individual reconnaissance Marine's combat essential equipment while enhancing the capability to quickly and easily conduct rappelling insertions and SPIE operations. The Team Freshwater Purifier is a hand-held device capable of making potable water for a team of Marines from any freshwater source. This capability alleviates the need to carry excessive quantities of canteens during long-term patrols in areas with questionable freshwater sources. The Boat Safety Kit is designed for use during all small boat operations where the potential exists for the boat crew and occupants to be isolated and require survival measures to be taken until rescue or recovery. Kit components will provide the necessary items to perform basic at-sea survival tasks, such as producing potable water, making shelter, securing food, providing/retaining body heat, and signaling.


Background: The current equipment carried by the reconnaissance Marine is too heavy and bulky, hindering him in all phases of mission execution. Much of the equipment available for reconnaissance operations is outdated and ill-suited for the anticipated operational environment. These new equipment items will serve to reduce the overall load carried by reconnaissance Marines, facilitate the carrying of that load, and provide for an added measure of safety during ship-to-shore movement.

Date last modified: 05/21/96

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