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Q. What does HAC stand for?

A. Holloway Arms Company

Q. How many rifles in the HAC-7 family were produced?

A. From a letter written by Tom W. Glaser, who was the VP of Marketing for Holloway Arms Co. and an interview/ documents from Bob Holloway, who was President.

(Tom) Holloway Arms of Fort Worth, Texas produced less than three hundred and fifty (350) firearms of all types in the HAC-7 family. Of these some 50 were left handed weapons, comprised of approximately 20 HAC-7L left handed rifles, and 30 HAC-7CL left handed carbines, all with barrels by Ed Shilen of Ennis, Texas.

(Bob) In a conversation on Oct. 5, 1999, Mr. Holloway recalled that only 280 models were produced. Model 7S serial number SNIPE-01 is the only factory manufactured "S" or sniper rifle produced by H.A.C. He also mentioned that receivers #0001 and #0007, which had been set aside for him, had been stolen from the factory. Finally contrary to rumors, no receivers had been confiscated or destroyed by any goverment entities.

Model 7M serial number ??1 was also produced. No others were produced.

Q. Were there Class III offerings from H.A.C. (From a conversation with Bob Holloway on Oct. 5, 1999 - Courtesy B.E. Smith)

A. The HAC-7 was advertised in full-auto configurations, but none were known to have been produced. There were twelve receivers that had been set aside to build select fire rifles. Serial numbers were A00001 - A00012 (plus or minus a 0). The paperwork was submitted to ATF etc to notify them that these were to be select fire. They then decided to put off building the select fire rifles, submitted an addendum to ATF notifying them that these rifles would not in fact be select fire, but would be built as semi-auto only. After receiving acknowledgement from ATF that they had received the addendum, they built the rifles and shipped them. ATF then came and wanted to see the rifles and had a fit that they had already shipped. They tracked down all twelve and inspected them to make sure they were not select-fire. Also quizzed the owners as to whether they had received conversion kits or instructions with the rifle on how to convert them to full auto. Of course a lot of time and expense was exerted to find nothing out of line.

Q. Is Holloway Arms still in business?

A. The Holloway Arms Company closed its doors in the later end of 1985, and is no longer in business. It is rumored that the failed sale of rifles to the Texas National Guard, brought an end to this company. Rumors of an involvement in the Iran-Contra debacle of the 80's also contributing to the demise of the company, are false accorinding to a Tom Glaser. At last count, Bob Holloway himself, is out of the firearms industry, and is rumored to live in Arkansas.

Q. What magazines does the HAC-7 family use?

The HAC-7 family was developed using modified AR-10 magazines. H.A.C. was supposed to produce their own steel magazines, but none were produced. The AR-10 magazines that remained after the disolving of H.A.C. were sold to Knight Armament, who incorporated them into it's SR-25 (hot rodded AR-10) product.

Q. Were any HAC-7 family members produced in calibers other than .308 Winchester

A. No other calibers were produced

Q. Was a revised factory manual ever produced.

A. The original 8.5x11" version was never revised and released.


Last Modified on July 9, 2000