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HAC-7C Pictorial


(Left) HAC-7C. Magazine is modified from an AR-10 mag. (Below left) Front sight and muzzle brake. Brake itself is adjustable, and features a barbwire removal groove. (Below right) Left side view of HAC-7C right handed model.



(Above left) Marking indicate reversible nature of the safety mechanism from left to right side. (Above right) Safety lever isn't big, but seems to be large enough to get the job done. (Left) Side-folding stock mechanism.


(Above) Bolt mechanism. (Above right) Charging handle, as seen on the left side of the receiver of a HAC-7C-RH. (Below) Belt buckle originally shipped with the HAC-7.. Serial number on buckle matches rifle.  



(Above) Top is A0007, pictured below it is Test5 which is a 14" barreled pistol - the tie wrap was used by a previous owner of the gun to hold the magazine in while shooting (Below) Serial number closeup of Test5 Images courtesy Mark H


(Above) Serial number of A0007 (Below) Actual A0007 rifle. This was a 1 of 12 gun that was originally slated to be a full-auto, but was manufactured instead as a semi-auto. One interesting feature of this gun, is the M14 style buttplate (as pictured in image below rifle) Images courtesy Mark H


(Above) Closeup of buttplate on A0007 (Below) Test3 which was used as the proof testing gun during factory trails. This gun featured a lower rear sight than later production models, and also did not have a flash-hider. Images courtesy Mark H



(Below) Match rifle, serial number CCCVIII-01. Particular to this gun are that it did not have front or rear sights, and featured a ported barrel, instead of a flash-hider. Second stock featured in photo was NOT included as a factory option. Images courtesy Mark H



(Below) Right handed carbine with matching Parsons fighting knife and belt buckle. The knife was offered as an option with the HAC7, but few of them were sold. Courtesy Bruce Shaw





Last Modified on July 23, 2000