SIG AMT/PE57/550
Stoner SR-25
Barrett .50
AR15/M16 FAQs
Bushmaster Armpistol
M96 Expeditionary

Bigger Hammer Approved Links



Landings - Master Search Engine of Aviation
Homebuilt FAQ - Lots of FAA Docs as well
Spectacular Approaches - Interesting to see, but I would rather not be there


Adobe Premiere Discussion Group
AstaLaVista - Security and Crakz search engine
Blues News - 3d gaming news and more
CU-SeeMe Reflector Scanner
SAMBA - Best way to share files from Unix to PC - Security Postings for All platforms

Firearms - 1911 and the derivatives
Accuracy Speaks - AR / 1911 / IPSC Equipment
AK Site - Straight from Russia - Focusing on the AR15
American 180 - .22 cal full auto fun
Barrett Rifles - .50 cal fun for the whole family
Brownell's - Shooter & Gunsmith Supplyc
Civilian Marksmanship Program - Fostering rifle markmanship and firearm safety
CETME - The inspiration for the likes of HK and SIG

Colt Automatic Pistols Homepage - Info on the 1900 to 1911 Colt Pistols
FAS Military Analysis Network - Compiled info from many government sources
FCSA - Fifty Caliber Shooters Association
FG-42 - Estes Adams, FG42 Parts Company

FJ Vollmer - Some of the best HK Conversions as well as Semi/NFA Sales
FN-49 - One of the coolest guns of the post WW2 era
FN-FAL Files - Specializing in FAL information
FN-P90 - FN Bullpup Rifle
Fulton Armory - Gunsmithing for M1A, M1, AR15, and others
German Machineguns of WWII - The german designs have always had a sex appeal
Gun's World - French and European info
Heckler and Koch Collector Site - From HKPRO, includes info and discussion
JP Enterprises - Exotic AR15 accessories for those who want something different
Johnson Rifle Site - Johnson 1941 Rifle
Knight's Armament - Home of the Stoner SR-25
Knob Creek - The biggest machinegun shoot in the US
M1 Carbine - Serial Number and Manufacturer Info
M1 Garand - Lots of series info
M1 Garand "Gas Trap Rifle" - The father to the M14
Mongo's Stoner 63 Page - Gaggles of information on a terrific rifle system
Old Western Scrounger - For the exotic and rare.
PPSh-41 - Soviet Subgun
Premier Reticles - High-end upgrades to Leupold scopes.
Polish Firearms Page - Are you like me, and didn't even know that there were Polish designs....
Randall Firearms Collectors - Historical Randall Information
SAKO M92S / RK95
SR88A - Haven't heard of this... you are not alone.
Security Arms - Online photo collection of various firearms
Shooters Online Directories - Most complete listing of shooting sites on the net
Small Arms Review - Full-auto and semi-auto information
Smith and Wesson MK76 and MK760 Subguns - Gary's Tribute Page
Sniper Country - Great info on quality firearms and accessories
Springfield Armory - The Original government arms producer
STI 2011 - Best production 1911 out there - Tom Bowers Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages
USPSA - United States Practical Pistol Shooting Assocation
US Optics - Finest scopes on the market
Unofficial Armalite AR-180 Page - For the AR-180/AR-18
Unofficial Firearms Homepages - Index of Unofficial firearms homepages
Unofficial Tommy Gun Page - For Thompson SMG Enthusiasts

Home Theater

DVD Empire - Largest Selection of DVD's online
Internet Movie Database - DVD Lookups

Stock Market

Bull Market Report - Tech oriented market analysis - Streaming delayed quotes, and aftermarket quotes.
Yahoo! - Best online portfolio manager

Strange, Unusual, and Macabe - Note: These can be very disturbing, follow at own risk.

Annoy - The headquarters of annoyance - Daily feast of the unusual.
Dead People Server - Are they dead or not?
Defecation Vacation - Takes up where Dan's House of the Grotesque left off. - Sam Kinison, nobody ever made me laugh harder.
Mayhem - Got it all
Philadelphia Dead Pool - Death is inevitable, but here they bet on it. - Has the talent for finding the strangest of the strange.
Sam Kinison - Official Webpage


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