AAR after-action review ammo ammunition AR automatic rifle; army regulation ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program attn attention BFA blank firing attachment CLP cleaning, lubricant, and petroleum cm centimeters co company CPT captain DA Department of the Army FM field manual FPF final protective fires FPL final protective line FSN federal stock number FTX field training exercise GTA graphic training aid HQ headquarters IAW in accordance with IET initial entry training IN infantry indiv individual IOAC infantry officer's advanced course IOBC infantry officer's basic course LFX live-fire exercise LSA lubricating oil, semifluid, automatic weapons LTA local training area m meters METL mission-essential task list MILES multiple-integrated laser engagement system mm millimeter MOPP mission-oriented protection posture mph miles per hour MPRC multipurpose range complex MTA major training area MTP mission training plan N/A not applicable NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical NCO noncommissioned officer NCOES Noncommissioned Officer Education System NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge NVD night vision devices OIC officer in charge pam pamphlet PDF principal direction of fire plt platoon PMT preliminary marksmanship training POPP pull, observe, push, and press (a memory aid) prac practice qual qualification RBC rifle bore cleaner rds rounds SAW squad automatic weapon sec seconds SM soldier's manual SMCT soldier's manual of common tasks SOP standing operating procedures sqd squad SSG staff sergeant SSN social security number STP soldier's training publication STRAC standards in training commission STX situational training exercise TC training circular T&E traversing and elevating TM technical manual TRADOC US Army Training and Doctrine Command US United States