Heckler and Koch: Model 31 Field Strip Procedure

Safety First ... Always
Before disassembly or handling, always check to be sure the chamber is empty. Always point firearms in a safe direction.

Stripping The Rifle

  1. Engage the safety!
  2. Remove the magazine.
  3. Unfold the cocking handle on the left side of the at the front of the handguard. Retract the cocking handle and rotate upward into the retaining notch near the top of the receiver above the magazine well.
  4. Inspect and assure that the chamber is clear.
  5. After inspection is completed, pull the cocking handle slightly toward the rear and rotate it downward out of the retaining notch. Let the cocking handle snap forward; allowing the handle and the internal mechanism, to return to its original position.
  6. Then point the muzzle in a safe direction, rotate the selector lever to "F" (fire) or "E" (single shot) and depress the trigger to allow the bolt to return to its fully closed and fired position.
  7. Rotate the selector back into the Safe position.
  8. Unhook the sling, if attached.
  9. Remove the two take down pins (butt stock locking pins) located immediately behind the pistol grip mechanism.

    No tools should be required for this activity. (If the fixed butt stock is in use, place the pin into one of the tubular rivet holes in the butt stock near the sling attachment bar.)
  10. Slide off the butt stock and bolt return spring assembly by pulling the entire unit strait back to the rear.
  11. Swing down and/or remove the pistol grip.
  12. Using the cocking lever, retract the bolt head assembly and recoil spring.
  13. After the butt stock has been removed, the trigger group can be rotated downward and either simply removed (U.S. semi-auto and registered sear versions) or unpinned and removed (H&K original full auto design).
  14. Remove the bolt/spring assembly from the receiver.
  15. If necessary or desired, detach the forearm.