Heckler and Koch: Model 54 Field Strip Procedure

Stripping The Submachine Gun

  1. Engage the safety!
  2. Remove the magazine.
  3. Retract the cocking handle and assure that the chamber is clear. then let the cocking handle snap forward.
  4. Unhook the sling, if attached.
  5. Remove the butt stock locking pin. (If the fixed butt stock is in use, place the pin into one of the tubular rivet holes in the butt stock near the sling attachment bar.)
  6. Slide off the butt stock.
  7. Swing down and/or remove the pistol grip.
  8. Using the cocking lever, retract the bolt head assembly and recoil spring.
  9. Remove the bolt/spring assembly from the receiver.
  10. If necessary or desired, detach the forearm.