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NAA .32 ACP Guardian
Owner's Safety & Instruction Manual

Read and fully understand this manual before removing this firearm from its package. This firearm, like many revolvers and autoloading pistols, is designed without any external manual safety or internal magazine disconnect. THIS PISTOL WILL FIRE IF THE TRIGGER IS PULLED! It should always be considered loaded and ready to fire unless and until the magazine has been removed and the chamber has been checked to verify that the firearm is unloaded. Be sure to read and fully understand all safety instructions shown in this manual before you remove this firearm from its package, load, unload, fire or do anything else with this firearm!

Warning Statement:
Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the state of California, which may cause or contribute to the causation of birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

Statement of Non Liability:
WARNING! This pistol is a dangerous weapon and is surrendered by North American Arms, Inc. (NAA) with the understanding that the purchaser assumes the risk and all liability resulting from unsafe handling or any action that constitutes a violation of any applicable laws or regulations. NAA will not be liable for personal injury or loss of property or life resulting from the use of this pistol under any circumstances, including intentional, reckless, negligent or accidental discharge.

Further, NAA will not be liable for any alterations to the pistol or any parts thereof. NAA will not condone nor authorize any alterations or changes whatsoever to be made after the pistol has left the factory. If your NAA pistol is in need of service or adjustment, follow the instructions in this manual for returning your pistol to the factory for repair.

Please be certain that you have carefully read and fully understand the warnings, safety information and safe handling procedures in this manual before removing the gun from its package. Be sure you understand the functions of this pistol before loading and firing it. Exercise safe handling of this pistol at all times.

Assembled View of Guardian

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Prior to loading and firing, carefully read and understand this instruction manual. It gives basic advice on the proper handling and functioning of the NAA Guardian.

Failure to observe the safety instructions contained in this manual can result in property damage, serious personal injury or death.

Congratulations on your purchase of North American Arms' .32 ACP double-action-only (DOA) pocket pistol, the Guardian! This 6+1 semi-automatic pistol (with a simple blowback-operated action) has been designed to be a "Convenient, Reliable, Effective" personal protection weapon. We have manufactured it from the finest available high-strength heat-treated steels, to standards unsurpassed in the firearms industry, with a level of quality assurance and workmanship to guarantee you a lifetime of shooting enjoyment.

The Guardian is a personal protection handgun. It is not designed to be of target-grade accuracy, not of hunting lethality. It is, instead, designed to be a defensive weapon comprising of what we believe is the optimal combination of portability - due to its minimal physical characteristics such as size and weight - and deterrence - due to the increasingly recognized superior ballistic performance of the .32 ACP ammunition.

The Guardian is, first and foremost, a handgun and, as such, is a potentially violent and lethal weapon. While not to be feared by the handler, it is to be regarded and treated with an extraordinary degree of respect and attentive, thoughtful handling. The overwhelming majority of handgun accidents are directly related to ignorant & / or negligent mishandling or misuse. The Guardian is a gun and, handled improperly, can cause death or serious damage to person and property. Under ordinary circumstances, a detonated cartridge is very loud, and an expelled cartridge could cause eye injury; you are advised to wear both hearing and eye protection when firing the NAA Guardian or any other firearm.

The following pages contain several instructional passages about the operation and maintenance of this firearm. These instructions contain numerous important advisories about the proper and safe handling of this, or any other, firearm as well as warnings about the possible consequences of ignoring these instructions.

Until you acknowledge having read all these instructions and having understood all these safety warnings, you should not touch, load or fire this weapon.

Additional information is available from sources such as your dealer where you purchased this firearm, a local law enforcement office, educational organizations such as the National Rifle Association, or the manufacturer, NAA, who can be contacted toll-free at (800) 821-5783. This manual should accompany the gun in the event of a transfer of ownership: additional copies are available free, upon request to the factory.

Important Safety Information

Your safety and the safety of your family and others depend on your safe and mature adoption, development and consistent employment of Safe Firearms Handling Practices.

If you are unfamiliar with firearms, seek further advice through safe handling courses run by your local gun clubs, approved instructor, or similar qualified organizations. If you have any questions about this firearm or where you can seek proper firearms safety training, call North American Arms toll-free at 1-800-821-5783.

While we can't attempt to be all-inclusive, the following general firearms handling practices must be followed:

Instructions for use

The NAA .32 ACP Guardian is designed to utilize any commercially manufactured .32 ACP ammunition.

Never use ammunition where the pressure levels exceed industry standards. Never use nonstandard or reloaded ammunition.

Loading the magazine
With your finger outside of the trigger guard and pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, depress the magazine release button. Load the magazine by pressing down the rear (rim) of the cartridge downward on the forward portion of the magazine follower and, maintaining downward pressure, then sliding the cartridge rearward, fully under the lips of the magazine until the cartridge is against the rear wall of the magazine. Repeat this process, placing the next round atop the previous until the magazine contains up to six .32 ACP cartridges. Do not attempt to load more than six cartridges.

Loading the Pistol
Check to insure that the pistol is not already loaded, or contains any other obstruction in the barrel or chamber. With the magazine removed, your finger outside of the trigger guard and pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, pull the slide back 1/2" until you can look into the chamber and verify that the chamber is empty; allow the slide to return forward. Eject a round, if one exists, by pulling the slide sharply rearward to the limit of its travel.

Important Caution:
The Guardian does not have a magazine interconnect to prevent it from being fired when the magazine is removed; with a round in the chamber and a firm pull on the trigger, a bullet will be discharged, even without the magazines being inserted.

It is possible that a live round may remain in the chamber when the magazine has been removed or inserted. Any round in the chamber will be discharged upon pulling the trigger regardless of whether the magazine is inserted or removed. Therefore, never leave the pistol unattended, even if the magazine is removed, and exercise extreme caution after removing the magazine. You must personally verify that the chamber is empty before field-stripping the firearm for cleaning or any other reason. Never place your finger on or near the trigger when operating the slide.

The NAA Guardian has no external manual safety lever and no grip safety. It is fired like a double action revolver by firmly and deliberately pulling the trigger. Always keep the firearm unloaded until you are ready to shoot. When the firearm is loaded, do not touch the trigger unless you intend to fire!

When you are ready to fire the pistol, insert the loaded magazine, bullets facing forward (toward the muzzle), firmly and fully into the magazine well of the pistol until the magazine catch engages ("clicks") and the magazine is locked in place. Confirm by applying slight removal pressure to the exposed portion of the magazine butt plate.

Firing the Pistol
With your finger outside of the trigger guard and pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, firmly grasp the slide at the serrations and pull the slide rearwards to the limit of its travel. Release the slide completely, enabling the slide to spring forward sharply; this strips a round from the magazine and seats it in the chamber of the barrel, making the pistol ready to fire (the chambered round will be visible through the viewing port between the barrel and the top of the slide). The gun can now be fired by pulling the trigger. Grip the pistol firmly in anticipation of its recoil.

The Guardian is double-action-only, and contains no external, manual safeties. This means that the trigger pull will be deliberately firm and uniform for each round fired. Subsequent to a firm trigger pull, a bullet is discharged, the spent case ejected, and a fresh round chambered (to the extent one is available in the magazine). Note: Dry firing can cause breakage of the firing pin. This may result in an unintentional discharge, or prohibit an intended discharge. To safely practice trigger pull, insert a spent (fired) case or a commercially available snap-cap into the chamber to cushion the impact of the firing pin.

Unloading the Pistol
While keeping your finger outside of the trigger guard, and pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, depress the magazine release and remove the magazine. Visually check to ensure that no round remains in the chamber. (See instructions for "Loading the Pistol") Firmly grasp the slide at the serrations and briskly pull the slide rearwards to the limit of its travel to eject any round or spent cartridge, in the event that one still remains in the chamber.

Unloading the Magazine
Unfired bullets can be removed from the magazine by gently applying force to the rim (rear) of the cartridge with your finger; gently move the cartridge forward until it springs free from the retaining lips of the magazine.

Field Stripping

Check to ensure that the pistol is not already loaded. (See instructions for "Unloading the Pistol") With the magazine removed, your finger outside of the trigger guard and pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, pull the slide back 1/2" until you can look into the chamber and verify that it is empty; allow the slide to return forward. Eject a round, if one is present, by sharply pulling the slide rearward to the limit of its travel

For normal cleaning, the Guardian need only be disassembled into the following main components:

Do not disassemble the pistol beyond those components, as doing so could create an unsafe condition and affect your pistol's warranty.

Depress and hold the spring-loaded slide release button, located above the right-side grip assembly beneath the serrations at the rear of the slide. Retract the slide 1/2" to clear the extractor from the chamber and lift the slide up 1" at the rear to clear the barrel. Move the slide forward along the length of the barrel and remove it from the frame assembly (at which point the recoil spring assembly will fall clear of the frame).

Insert the smaller diameter inner recoil spring into the larger outer recoil spring, then insert the guide rod into the small end of the outer recoil spring. Insert the complete spring assembly into the grooved, recessed chamber beneath the barrel, spring guide rod forward. Position the slide atop the frame, with the forward bridge of the slide positioned in the channel beneath the barrel, capturing the recoil slide assembly behind it. Move the slide 1/2" towards the rear and pull the trigger slightly, clearing the top of the hammer from beneath the firing pin retainer. Depress the slide release button and simultaneously apply downward pressure on the slide, releasing the button after the slide had seated. Retract the slide forcefully to ensure positive seating lockup.

It is important that your firearm be kept clean and properly oiled to help ensure safe, reliable functioning. Accumulation of dire and powder fouling in the breech and chamber areas may affect the functioning of the pistol, causing it to misfeed or misfire. The Guardian should be cleaned at regular intervals, depending on the frequency of use. Premium solvents should be applied with brushes and patches to all areas exposed to the action of primer and powder residues, including the bolt face, breech, chamber, extractor, bore and adjacent areas. Gun oil or other similar lubricants should be applied lightly to all moving parts, including the firing pin and areas of the slide subject to friction.

Warranty & Service
Like the rest of North American Arms' family of finely-crafted handguns, the Guardian is conditionally warranted against defects in materials, workmanship and mechanical function for the life of the product. NAA will repair or replace (at its option) any inoperative Guardian firearm returned prepaid to the factory. If you have any questions about your NAA Guardian, please call NAA toll-free at 1-800-821-5783.

Technical Specifications (Standard / Metric)

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