Sony/NEC Projector and General Mediaroom Information


The information presented here is garnered primarily from posts to the AVS Forum. Many thanks to the folks there for helping to assemble this information.



PJ Calc - A handy utility that Sony has to calculate the proper distance from the screen to the projector.

Sample Screen Shots - Front / Center

Version 1.8 For older projectors, to include 10XX, 12XX, and 1292 Series
Version 3.21 Includes support for 10XX, V20U, D50, VPH-1292, G70, G90, as well as LCD and DLP models
Version 4.10 Includes support for 10XX, V20U, D50, VPH-1292, G70, G90, as well as LCD and DLP models
PJ Projects Adjusts your PC to display on Sony CRT
PJSerialComm Used with the serial strings to communicate with projector


Sony VPH 12XX 125X / 127X FAQ - Under Development
  Cover, Specifications, Content - Courtesy Jerry Arseneau
Connections - Courtesy Jerry Arseneau
Adjustments - Courtesy Jerry Arseneau
Misc - Courtesy Jerry Arseneau
5 BNC Adjustment - Used to allow saving of aspect ration information. Card in slot A can store 8, while card in slot by can store 1.
  Disassembly, Service Manual Chapter 2 - Courtesy Jerry Arseneau
Setup, Service Manual Chapter 4 - Courtesy Jerry Arseneau

G2 Adjustment Procedures - Courtesy Chuck Williams

If the AKB, or "automatic cathode balance" circuit is working, or was not disabled, those other pots (they are called "screen" or "G2" adjusts) shouldn't be super critical. For instance, if you nudge the green one up a little, you should see the projector "try" to turn it back down. Similarly if you turn it down, the projector tries to correct this. If changing them made a huge difference, it's possible that the AKB was disabled by a previous user. The reason someone might have done this is to get rid of the AKB line at the very top of the screen (usually off the screen and on the wall) which some people find annoying. Do you have a voltmeter? If so, there are voltages you can measure on the small CFB board under the fold down (fold up if it's on the floor) boards to set the G2's. Set the unit into Service mode, press the Page key and make sure the unit is set to 6500 color temp, press the Bias key, press the left and right arrow keys simnultaneously until the message "Factoryu Preset Data?" is displayed, and press the up key for yes. Then measure the voltage between chassis and pin 2 of CFB, and adjust the blue G2 for 4 volts. Do the same with green and red at pin 3 and pin 4."

"The "screen" controls are the G2 controls. G2 stands for Grid #2, also known as the "Screen Grid" and has nothing to do with the screen you are projecting on. To set your 2 and 4 pole magnets, yes you must have it on and stick your hand inside. It's a little ballsy if you haven't done it before, just keep one hand in your pocket and you'll be OK. Display a dot pattern and turn up the contrast to a high level. Take, for example, the green electrical focus control and rock it back and forth. In one direction of rotation, the green dot should become uniformly fat and round, or at least symmetrical. In the other direction of rotation the dot should be observed with a halo around it. If this is not so, use the 2 pole magnet (the one closest to the CRT socket) to try to get the dot in the middle of the halo. Rotate the focus control back the other way and use the 4 pole magnet (the one closest to the convergence and deflection yokes) to make the dot uniformly fat. Youíll have to go between the 2 and 4 pole alignments until itís set."

Images Showing Related Components

2/4 Magnet Adjust Procedures - Courtesy Chuck Williams
As a note, data reset to the VPH1270 is not applicable - that is done with DIP switches.

Miscellaneous 1252 Images


Pronto CCF - compiled by aalbert
Operator Manual Installation Manual
Operator Manual Installation Manual
G70 Series
Operator Manual Installation Manual
Operator Manual Installation Manual
Serial Port Specs
D50 & G70 G90


NEC XG85 & XG135 - Courtesy NecTech

Note - These manuals also apply to many of the Runco models, which are based on the NEC

User Manuals
Throw Charts
CAD Drawings
Color Brochure

Line Doublers / Image Processors

Faroudja 5000, 3000, 2200, NR, 401, 301 - Courtesy Faroudja




DVDO iScan Pro, iScan Plus v2 - Courtesy DVDO






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