Which GPS do I need?

Use this form to indicate your preferences if you want advice on which GPS is best for you. This form is also useful for shopping around locally for a receiver. I'll address the items on the form in more detail in the next installment of GPS and the Offshore Powerboat.

Note: If your browser does not support forms, please e-mail Margaret Hart with your questions and information.

  1. Your Name:
  2. E-Mail Address:
    Note: This is required for a response.
  3. Zip-Code:

  4. Boat size (in feet):
  5. Enclosed cabin:
      Yes No
  6. Space available at the helm for instruments:
      small (3" x 6")
      medium (5" x 8")
      large (7" x 9" or larger)
  7. Other equipment to interface with?
        Yes No
  8. Do you need or use electronic charts such as CMAP or Navionics (Y/N):
      Yes No
  9. Do you use Loran?
      Yes No
  10. How secure is the location of your helm?
      Lockable cabin:
        Yes No
        Yes No
        Yes No
  11. Average trip: Hours Days
  12. Average trip length (one way in miles):
  13. Do you travel on inland waterways (Y/N):
    Yes No
  14. Do you travel on coastal waterways (Y/N):
    Yes No
  15. Do you travel offshore (Y/N):
    Yes No
  16. How many different places (ie., fishing spots, dive locations, routes to islands or coves) do you plan to visit?
      On a regular basis (once a month or more):
      Once in awhile (less than once a month):
  17. Do you want to use the GPS for other activities such as hunting, hiking, traveling by car?
    Yes No
  18. Do you want to use your boat for racing?
    Yes No
  19. Budget
      less than $300
      $300 - $500
      $500 - $1,000
      $1,000 - $2,000
      greater than $2,000

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