New Joint Venture in Boat Manufacturing
Between Fountain and Skater

New Boat for Banker Racing

March, 19 1996

It was announced today by Banker Racing of Ft. Worth, Texas that they will be debuting a new hull this season that marks a first for the world of Offshore. The boat, which will race in B class, is a collaboration between Skater (Douglas Marine) and Fountain Powerboats. Utilizing a 38' Positive Lift Fountain design, the hull itself was produced by Skater using their expertise in strong lightweight construction, with Fountain's proven hull and layup schedule using a Fountain mold. The hull features a kevlar throughout, including bulkheads and deck, with Balsa coring, and on the deck it includes a modified design with a 1" rise in the crown to help shed air. Twin F16 canopies will protect the crew, and underneath includes seating for four using two pairs of Skater seats. Motors are by Troy Dennis which will feed into two #5 SSM, while the rigging is being done by Art Lilly.

Fred Inman Sr. of IMCO (800-899-8058), who is also introducing his own A class boat this season, has provided the exhaust for the boat, which consists of their new Powerflow Plus headers, which are designed to be legal for APBA B class, and offer a 5-10% increase in power over conventional designs, while providing a noticeable increase in midrange performance. The power steering system components such as brackets, hoses, strainers, and other mounting hardware, with the exception of rams, have also been provided by IMCO for this project.

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