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SIG 510-4s Produced by Pietro Beretta


The following information comes courtesy Sig Parts Service, and is from a letter dated 5/3/1990.

1. The prototypes of the SIG rifle 510-4 developed by Beretta are still in our possession.

2. We enclose a picture of the production rifle. We sold the rifles to SIG and shipped according to instructions received from SIG. By contract we are not allowed to dispose of any documentation.

3. We did not manufacture the telescopic sights or mount.

4. To the best of our knowledge, Chili never produced the SIG 510-4.

5. We do not have any 510-4 parts.

6. Because of what was explained in #3, we don't have any pictures of the 510-4 scope and mount.

7. We shipped to Mindef in Santiago, we do not have any other address.


Last Modified on April 3, 1999