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SIG AMT Pictorial

( Left) The trademark "beerkeg" charging handle. To the lower right is the replaceable bolt locking roller recess, which is held in by a circlip. At the end of service life, this is replaceable in the field.




(Left) Trigger housing with winter trigger extended. Importers stamp and serial numbering visible towards the rear of the housing on the right side. Magazine flapper is located to the front and extends lower than the trigger guard. Safety, which is very stiff on this speciman is in the fire or "1" position - Safe is indicated by an S, on the receiver (not visible in this image). (Below) Receiver and trigger group parts stripped from the their respective homes. Photo courtesy SIG Parts Service.



(Right) Bolt, as removed from rifle. The takedown pin is utilized by pulling the bolt halfs to their near extremes. HK owners will rejoice in knowing that the bolt is much easier to care for than its HK counterpart. Extractor is visible to the front left of the bolt.





(Right) Front sight assembly. Note the bipod - it is unique, in that it will rotate 180 degrees. Barrel shroud provides protection from a warm barrel. Front sling mounting point, is located on the left side of the sight assembly.




(Right) Rear sight, with a 100-600 meter range.. The detent on the front of the sight acts as a securing point for scope mounts. (Below) Receiver stripped of grip and stock assembly. This state can be achived in less that 15 seconds.







(Left) Assembled stock and recoil spring assembly. (Lower Left) Recoil spring, removed from rifle.




(Left) Comparison of PE57 and AMT bayonets, mounted on their respective rifles. (Below) AMT bayonet mounted to PE57. Photos courtesy SIG Parts Service.





Comparison of late model PE57 mags from the 1980s (to the left in each photo), to the original 1960s PE57 mags with steel follower (magazines with steel followers are compatible with the AMT rifle, and provide 24 rounds in capacity). Photos courtesy SIG Parts Service


Last Modified on March 15, 1999