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Q. What does AMT stand for?

A. American Match Target

Q, Where can I get replacement parts for an AMT?

SIG Parts Service
Attn: Estes Adams
P.O. Box 2631
Auburn, WA 98071-2631

Q. What parts are interchangeable between the SIG AMT (SIG 510-4) and the PE57 (Stgw57)?

A. From Jerry

Locking rollers Locking roller segments
Locking roller retainer
Extractor Ejector(PE part can be SHORTENED for AMT)
Ejector springs, inner & outer
Firing pin & Spring
Firing Lever
Bolt Heads DO NOT interchange as the 7.5 Swiss case head is slightly larger than the 7.62 NATO .
Director Shafts(Back half of Bolt assy) DOES NOT interchange either as the rifles differ in recoil spring assy tips.
The hammer/sear/safety parts appear (Except for the winter trigger) the same.
The 7.5 Swiss magazine will fit in the AMT but as the NATO round is smaller in dimensions the cartridges "rattle" a bit in a full mag.
NOTE: Locking rollers come in different diameters to allow fairly quick headspace adjustment (Locked Breech gap per SIG) in the field...BUT you'll need the tool from SIG to get the dimension correct and the tools are different and are calibrated for the specific rifle.

Q. What does the white "tab" on the right side of the receiver signify?

A. From Buddy Hinton and Eric Mowrey

The WHITE TAB is a visual "marked" meaning SEMI-AUTO......This "TAB" can be tapped up and turned around to the BLACK side meaning FULL-AUTO..... The Swiss use this tab to indentify "at a glance" with of there rifles are Semi and which are full, but also, the black side- when turned inwards--physically blocks the trip lever thus preventing the fire selector from being placed in the "auto" position. The white side of the tab is smooth whereas the black side has 2 bumps or >raised ridges to block the trip lever.

Q. Who imported the AMT?

A. From Jerry

Benet Arms, aka Gold Rush Gun Shop
Golden State Arms
International Gun Co. (Tuscon, AZ)
OSS, aka Osborne's Shooting Supplies, Greg Osborne

Q. How many AMTs were imported?

A. Approximately 3000 SIG AMTs were imported during the 20 years that they came in. Of these 1440 came in during the years of 1969-1978.

Q. How many PE57s were produced?

A. From SIG records, via Sig Parts Service, as of 1993

3941 PE57s were produced. Their serial numbers ranged from 1000-4941.

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