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(Above) AMT with SPS mount and QD mount for the scope. (Right and below) SPS reproduction of a little known about factory mount. (Below right) comparison of the little known mount, to the SPS Wohler reproduction.

SPS offers the Wohler reproduction mount made to original design specs size and shape on a custom basis, with stanag rail, weaver, redfield 26/30 mm, kern adaptors, or any other requirement. This mount differs from the Wohler, by being milled from aluminium as opposed to stamped.



(Above) Bottom view of both mounts, showing the locking mechanism, and attention to detail in manufacture. (Below) Unassembled parts from mount, revealing the internal components.


Wohler reproduction mount, and ingenious flash suppressor with grenade launching bands to restore original factory barrel profile.




(Above right) Stock extension made for a taller customer. (Right) Same extension, off of rifle. Extension maintains the original buttplate.



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